Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Toxic phthalates linked with ADHD symptoms

Many families of children on the Spectrum are so focused on dietary changes and supplements that the consideration of household toxins is usually the last thing on their minds. However, when dealing with a child with a weakened ability to detoxify chemicals from his or her body, considering environmental toxins is actually too important to ignore. Now here’s another reason why: a new report out of Korea has found a significant, positive association between phthalate exposure (an important component of toys, cleaning materials and plastics, to name a few) and symptoms of ADHD. Though the study calls for further research, why not start making changes today? If your child takes a plastic water bottle to school, switch to stainless steel. Get rid of sippy cups and consider changing cleaning supplies at home to green products—there are so many affordable products out available today, so have a look at what your local natural market has to offer. You’ll be doing your entire family a great healthy service!