Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lead found in common baby foods

The Environmental Law Foundation has recently announced the results of a study that has found unacceptable levels of lead in many common fruit-based baby/childrens foods and drinks. Apple juice, grape juice, packaged pears and peaches were among the list, of which 85% were found to be unsafe (the Foundation's website has a list of specific brands posted that contain safe and unsafe levels). One of the most upsetting aspects of the findings is that both organic and conventionally grown products were on the lists!
For those who are not aware of the dangers of lead, this heavy metal is toxic to many of the body's organs and tissues and in children, damages the nervous system, and causes permanent learning and behavior disorders. The treatment for lead poisoning is chelation therapy.
So this summer, aim to increase your kiddos' intake of pure filtered water which many children would do better with anyway...